Why not enjoy the superb local cuisine in one of the local hotels or restaurants.  The specialities of the area are walnuts and walnut oil, duck and foie gras.  If you have never eaten foie gras it is well worth a try, our favourite can be found at Auberge du Coq in Fleurac which is only 15 minutes drive from us. If you don't mind driving a little further then Bistrot de la Place in Tremolat is also excellent. Or, you can buy it in the local shops.

Confit de canard and magret de canard are the two main options that you will find on most menu's but aiguillette is a great alternative. It is the piece of meat that you find alongside the backbone of the duck, delicat and tasty.

Our local restaurant, Table du Moustier, is very unusual because it does not feature duck on the menu very often.  They prefer to offer a varied menu, which changes regularly. There is a meat, fish or vegetarian menu to choose from. They have only been open one year but their reputation has grown so much so that you need to make a reservation in order to ensure you get a table.

Walnut cake and walnut tart's are everywhere.  One of our favourite places to buy a walnut tart is in Sarlat la Caneda (30 minutes drive), Patisserie Massoulier on Rue de la Rebublique has the most wonderful walnut tart covered in very healthy, very gooey, caramel!

Here is the recipe that I use when I make Walnut Cake:pdficon small

Local Restaurants pdficon small

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